Repairs and service of communication and electronic warfare equipment

In 2015, in response to the needs of the Ministry of National Defense, which announced tenders for overhauls of electronic combat equipment, Vortex expanded the existing service department with competences related to EC equipment that no longer had service facilities provided by manufacturers

Knowing the strength of the army is the beginning of victory. (Sun Tzu – The Art of War)
Over the next few years, the implementation of repair tasks allowed for the construction of a competent team of employees and co-operators enabling the maintenance of the EC equipment covered by the contracts in full operational efficiency.
Our own research and development facilities, supported by the Military University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology and the Naval Academy, made it possible to develop a repair technology that enables repair with solutions that retain all the parameters of the original solution.


The renovated equipment has a guarantee of proper operation and post-warranty service is provided for the following years.