Our products

Since 1997, the Vortex team has been consistently expanding its range of electronic warfare equipment to include other areas of it, as of today, in addition to reconnaissance equipment and counteracting communication networks, we offer radar systems and systems that enable passive and active reconnaissance, as well as systems to counter enemy radars.


Electronic combat – a type of combat operations against the opponent, aimed at recognizing and disrupting or preventing the actions of the opponent or his technical means, using own means of electromagnetic emission – Wikipedia

Our offer includes, among others the following systems and products:
– SIGINT – Mobile Radio Recognition System,
– HORUS – Network-centric Recognition System,
– OPTAR – Perimetric Radar System,
– ANTYDRON – Mobile Anti-UAV System,
– ISAR – Intelligent Radio Communication Module,
– LERDS – Active Radiolocation Prevention System
– DFINT – Radio Targeting System
– MORŚWIN – Underwater Reconnaissance System
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